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Planned maintenance to our smartcard system is scheduled on Saturday March 5th between 07:30 and 12:30 – during this time you can purchase Smartcard tickets from tpexpress.co.uk but will not be able to collect your ticket until after 13:30 - Tickets purchased prior to this time can still be loaded to Touch Smartcards at our Gates and Ticket vending machines. Travel using your Touch Smartcard is not affected.

Online and Mobile Retailing Terms of Use

The Site offers an impartial service (the ‘Booking Service’) selling every variation of ticket available around the UK representing all Train Operating Companies. We do not currently support Ferry bookings, supplementary tickets, Motorail services or Berth bookings on sleeper services or Eurostar bookings.

Use of the Booking Service

The Booking Service is designed to provide you with travel information, to assist you in determining the availability of travel-related goods and services and to make travel reservations or other travel-related purchases.

You agree that you will only use the travel information facilities of this Booking Service to find out information for yourself or for another person who intends to use or make use of the Booking Service to purchase travel services.

You confirm that you have authority to use the credit/debit card details you provide for the purpose of settling any payments you owe to us. You also agree that all information supplied by you in using the Booking Service is accurate and that you will not make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservations. You further agree that you will only use the travel services reservations facilities of this website to make reservations or purchases for yourself or another person on whose behalf you are legally entitled to act.

We shall not be obliged to sell tickets or reserve a seat for a person or persons who we have reason to believe may be intending to use it, or the proposed method of payment, fraudulently. You acknowledge that you will be financially responsible for any bookings, which are made through the Booking Service using your account details and for all reasonable and foreseeable losses, which we suffer as a result of your breach of these terms or negligence when using this website (including where you deliberately or negligently let others use your account).


Use of the Booking Service and all bookings made on the Site are subject to the Terms and Conditions of First TransPennine Express Limited and the National Rail Conditions of Travel. You are strongly advised to read these conditions, which contain limitations and exclusions relating to our liability in respect of loss caused by delays or cancellations, as well as loss or damage to, and delay in the delivery or luggage and its contents.

If you cannot produce a valid ticket for the class of accommodation and service that you are using, you will have to pay the appropriate fare or could face paying a penalty fare.

Issue of tickets

With respect to tickets sold by us, we cannot confirm the price of any tickets until such time as you complete your order and your credit/debit card will not be charged until the order has been processed.

When we have confirmed your booking by e-mail to your registered e-mail address, we will send your tickets or ticket collection number to you using the method you selected when you made your booking.

On receipt of your tickets we would ask that you check to ensure they are correct and contact our Web Support team if your tickets do not meet the information you provided at the time of booking.

Getting your Tickets

We offer a range of methods to get your tickets. The particular options offered for your booking may differ depending on various factors, including ticket type, train operator, method of purchase and whether or not there is sufficient time to reliably post your tickets.

Normal post: We will dispatch tickets by normal post to the address you specify during the delivery process. You should ensure that the address provided is correct.

Next day delivery: We will dispatch tickets by Royal Mail Special Delivery to the address you specify during the delivery process. You should ensure that the address provided is correct. You will need to sign for the tickets upon delivery.

International post: We do not send tickets to overseas addresses.

Collecting tickets at the station: For many bookings we allow you to collect tickets from a range of stations. You must allow sufficient time to collect your tickets before boarding the train. You must have your ticket collection reference, and (unless stated otherwise) the credit/debit card used to make the purchase as identification. You should note any special collection instructions given during the booking process, for example the station opening hours.

If you are unable to collect your tickets (for example due to the ticket machine(s) being out of service) then you should contact the station staff for further assistance. If there are no staff at the station, you should board your booked train, and make yourself known to the on-train staff at the earliest possible opportunity.

eTickets: For some bookings we allow you to travel with paperless tickets delivered to your mobile phone ("eTickets"), booked either through the Website, or via our Mobile Application. Before booking such tickets please be aware that only Android and iOS mobile devices are compatible with our app.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you carry your mobile phone on the relevant journey and that your phone is charged, functional and that you are able to display the ticket for inspection when you travel. Due to the wide variety of mobile phone handsets and networks we are unable to offer technical support or assistance. You may incur data usage charges from your mobile phone operator for downloading a ticket. You should check with your network provider as to what charges may apply.

For identification purposes you must also carry the credit/debit card used to make the booking (If tickets have been booked for more than one passenger, all passengers should travel together and the lead passenger must carry the credit/debit card used to make the booking).

We shall not provide duplicate or replacement tickets. The ticket must be stored on your mobile phone until the date and time of travel and such safekeeping shall be your responsibility. eTickets are non-transferable.

By purchasing an eTicket, you agree to cooperate with the train inspector and let him/her clearly view/scan the ticket on your mobile phone and you acknowledge that you may be requested to hand over your mobile phone voluntarily for inspection. If you do not produce your ticket or hand over your mobile phone upon a request to do so by the train inspector, the train inspector shall be entitled to consider that you are travelling without a ticket. Some train operating companies apply additional restrictions to the use ofeTickets - you must note any additional restrictions notified during the booking process.


Changes, cancellations and refunds

Changes to the date and time of a ticket may be permitted depending on the type of ticket and availability of alternatives, but exchange may not be available for certain ticket types. Refunds will depend on the type of ticket and conditions applicable to it and may not be available for certain ticket types. Advance purchase tickets are not refundable.

Dependant on the type of ticket you purchased, you may be able to amend or refund your ticket for free, in some cases a £10 admin fee will be applied. To make any changes please login to your My Account section of the Booking Service, or alternatively contact our Web Support Team on 0345 600 1671


We may change the terms relating to our Booking Service from time to time; however, any changes will not affect existing terms accepted by you when making a reservation or purchase through this website.

Network Rail usually carries out track maintenance and renewal work at weekends or Bank Holidays, or occasionally early weekday mornings or late evenings. You are strongly advised to confirm your train times prior to making your journey.

The prices quoted on this website are in Pounds Sterling (£). If you pay for your tickets using a foreign credit or debit card, we are not responsible for the exchange rate and you are advised that changes to your ticket or refunds may be affected by such exchange rate.

Your use of the Mobile Application

We allow you the right to download, install and use the Mobile Application on your mobile handset to access the Booking Service in accordance with these terms and conditions.

You may not use the Mobile Application for any purpose other than to access the Booking Service. You do not and will not own the Mobile Application or any information that is provided to you through it or the Booking Service, but you may use these things in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The Mobile Application is provided to you free of charge and on an ‘as is' basis. We have tried to make sure that it will work on each compatible mobile handset; however, we do not promise that the Mobile Application will be suitable for your needs, or that it will work accurately or in a particular way. All implied promises or warranties related to the mobile application, and access to the booking service through it, are excluded. Some features of the Mobile Application may be blocked or prohibited if attempted to access or sign in while outside of the UK.

Data charges and access

The Mobile Application requires a correctly configured and functional internet data connection, both for the initial installation, and for use.

Data charges may be charged to you by your network provider depending on your individual tariff. You are responsible for any such costs. Note that if you are using the Mobile Application on an overseas network, the cost of data usage may be considerably higher than when at home.

We are unable to provide any warranties as to the levels of connectivity you will receive via your mobile handset. This may depend upon your tariff, your network provider or your corporate policy if you have a work-issued handset. We will not accept any responsibility for any connectivity issues you may experience.

Please contact your network provider or visit their website if you require assistance configuring a data connection for your phone.

Support & Communications

While we have tried to get a broad coverage of mobile devices, our Mobile Application will not work on all mobile handsets. Please refer to our Website for details of the handsets which are able to download our Mobile Application. Download and operation success may depend on handset settings.

If you have any queries or problems with the Mobile Application, please look at our FAQs for answers to the most common questions we receive from users. If the FAQs do not assist, please contact us at: tpe.websupport@tpexpress.co.uk or 0345 600 1671. (Please do not contact any distributor of the Mobile Application with a support request as they will not be able to assist you.)

We may send communications to you through the Mobile Application. These communications may include marketing material, technical and support information, and information on updates or changes. By using the Mobile Application, you agree to us providing you with such communications.

Please note that we may cease to operate and support the Mobile Application, or a particular version of it, at any time. If this happens, you will be unable to access the Booking Services through the Mobile Application (or the relevant version of it) and you may be unable to download or install fresh copies of the Mobile Application. Where we think that it is reasonable to do so, we also reserve the right to either require you to delete the Mobile Application, or to remotely deactivate the Mobile Application from your mobile handset.

Updates & Availability

From time to time, we may issue updates to the Mobile Application, in which case you may not be able to continue use of the version of the Mobile Application installed on your mobile handset without downloading the relevant update. If we issue an update of the Mobile Application without disabling our earlier version installed on your handset, we nonetheless recommend that you download and install all updates issued. We cannot accept any liability for errors which become apparent in old versions of the Mobile Application.

We are able to suspend access to the Booking Service through the Mobile Application. We can do this for any reason, but will usually only do so when carrying out maintenance on the Mobile Application or the systems supporting it.


You can use your Mobile Application to store details of your bookings, favourite journeys and payment card details. You should ensure that your phone is protected by a suitable PIN number or password so that if lost/stolen your stored details cannot be used or accessed.


Nectar Terms and Conditions

What you need to know

Collect Nectar points on eligible train tickets bought online through any of the following train companies which, together with FirstGroup PLC shall herein be referred to as “FirstGroup”:

You must link your Nectar card number to the 'My Account' section at one of the FirstGroup train companies shown to collect points on train tickets bought online. Once you have linked your card, you will be eligible to collect:

  1. 2 points per £1 spent on train tickets bought online (excluding season tickets, Gift Vouchers, Travelcards and PLUSBUS);
  1. 50 points for the online purchase or renewal of a weekly season ticket (where available).
    200 points for the online purchase or renewal of a monthly season ticket (For tickets valid for more than 1 month, but less than a year, you will collect points for every full month, up to a maximum of 2,500). i.e. a 2 month, 3 week season ticket would be worth 400 points.
    2,500 points for the online purchase or renewal of an annual season ticket;

    (All season tickets offers are subject to change from time to time and will be updated on this website accordingly).

The Small Print

1. Train tickets bought through any of our assisted travel helplines will qualify for Nectar points. 

2. Bookings for group travel that cannot be completed online will not qualify for Nectar points.

3. Incorrect or invalid Nectar cards or Nectar card numbers will not be awarded points. Customers are responsible for ensuring the details they enter are correct.

4. Points will appear on your account within 28 days of buying your tickets.

5. If you receive a refund, any Nectar points collected will be deducted from your Nectar account within 28 days. Deductions for multiple tickets are calculated on the individual ticket price. You will not be eligible to retain Nectar points in respect of any fee payable in relation to a refund.

6. Points cannot currently be redeemed on any of the FirstGroup websites.

7. All FirstGroup companies reserve the right to:

  1. withdraw at any time any Nectar points that were granted by FirstGroup:
    1. in the case of any fraudulent activity;
    2. in error - as solely determined by Nectar and/or FirstGroup (for example if the Nectar logo was mistakenly displayed on the view item page of an excluded item);
  1. withhold or delay issuing Nectar points; or

  2. change these terms at any time.  Your continued use of your linked account following notice of such change shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such change. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions regularly to determine whether these terms and conditions have been changed. If you do not agree to any change to the terms and conditions then you must immediately stop using your linked account.

8. When you receive points from any FirstGroup train company, you agree to abide by the Nectar collector rules - for more information click here

9. Delivery charges may apply to online purchases for postal delivery. Free ticket collection is available at selected stations.

10. You agree that, except for death and personal injury arising from the negligence of FirstGroup, FirstGroup shall not be liable in contract, tort, negligence, statutory duty or otherwise for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions.

11. FirstGroup shall have the right to immediately terminate these terms and conditions and/or suspend the use of your linked account if you commit a breach of these terms and conditions.

12. Each provision of these terms and conditions shall be construed separately, applying and surviving even if for any reason one or other of those provisions is held inapplicable or unenforceable in any circumstances and shall remain in force notwithstanding the termination of these terms and conditions howsoever occasioned.

13. No waiver by FirstGroup shall be construed as a waiver of any breach of any provision of these terms and conditions.

14. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the parties hereby irrecoverably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Court. Residents of Scotland may also bring proceedings within a Scottish Court of Law.



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